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What to keep in mind when negotiating a divorce settlement

The good news is that Rhode Island ranks 36th among the states with the highest divorce rates. While ending a marriage isn't as common here as in many other states, there are still times when a union of this nature needs to be legally dissolved. Regardless of the circumstances involved, one of the first steps in this process is making an attempt to negotiate a fair settlement between parties.

Divorce in January

Divorce filings in Rhode Island and the rest of the country tend to increase during the first month of the year. While a University of Washington study has determined that the majority of divorces occur during the months of March and August, the divorce courts still have to deal with the significant increase in divorce filings immediately after the start of each new year.

Divorce can lead to extended family relationships

The definition of family is changing for people across Rhode Island, especially after an increasing number have had their marriages end in divorce over the past decades. A divorce doesn't mean an end to the growth of a family, however. Instead, remarriage after divorce can bring together stepparents, half-siblings and stepchildren into a more expansive family framework.

Divorce and Social Security payments from an ex-spouse

When people in Rhode Island divorce a spouse they were married to for more than 10 years, it may be possible to draw Social Security payments on that spouse's work history. The divorce must have been at least two years ago, and both people must be over the age of 62 for a person to start collecting this payment.

Tips for divorced parents to stay positive during the holidays

The holiday season may be difficult for newly single parents in Rhode Island with strong emotions as they try to reconcile favorite traditions with their parenting situation. Although former spouses may have conflicting desires when it comes to spending time with family over the holidays, parents should focus on helping their children adjust to splitting holiday celebrations between two households.

What to consider during the divorce process

It may be necessary for Rhode Island spouses to have a team assembled to help them through a divorce. This team will typically include a CPA or some other financial adviser as well as a therapist. Friends and family members may also make up a part of this support system. Those who don't have a team ready to go when they divorce may want to take time to assemble one.

To stay or to go: Children and divorce

Parents in Rhode Island who are in unhappy marriages may struggle with whether they should try to stay together for their children's sake or if it would be better to get divorced. There are several reasons that should prompt people to go through with their divorces and others that might indicate that remaining together is worthwhile.

When divorce might be the right choice

Although Rhode Island couples may find ending their marriage to be painful, in some cases, it may be the best choice. Around half of marriages end in divorce, and a couple who is able to accept that it is not a sign that they have failed may be able to negotiate the divorce more productively and move on.

Online dating has some positive implications

Online dating may help to bring harmony into relationships, according to one study. Dating websites can encourage Rhode Island residents to meet people of different backgrounds from outside their own social networks. A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that of relationships that begin online, only 5.9 broke up. Furthermore, only 7 percent of couples analyzed for the study divorced or separated after getting married.

Divorcing at a later age

Older Rhode Island couples who decide to end their marriage may find that it can be financially difficult. This is often due to the fact that older Americans have a limited amount of time to recover financially. Because marital assets become far more important for those near retirement age, the cost of the divorce can actually go up as former couples try to get the most out of property division.


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