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New Year's can be high time for divorce

For people in Rhode Island looking to end their marriage, the turn of the year can often be accompanied by new divorce filings. The January of every New Year brings a sharp uptick in the number of couples across the United States who choose to file for divorce. This increase can be attributed to a number of factors, including the stress of the holiday season and a choice to wait until after the family events of the winter holidays are completed before filing. It can even reflect people's hopes for a new start with the new year.

Preventing wildlife collisions

Rhode Island drivers who regularly commute during the evening should be aware that, with the end of daylight saving time, it gets darker much earlier. However, this occurs during the peak of the animal mating season, making this time even more dangerous for drivers.

Cellphones linked to accidents, but too little data gathered

Some Rhode Island residents may have been among the approximately 100 people per day on average who died in motor vehicle accidents in 2016. Traffic fatalities are up after years of decline, and experts say it cannot be fully explained by people driving more or an increase in driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many experts believe that the distraction of smartphones is to blame, but the way that accidents causes are tracked and recorded provides too little data.

Car accidents and locations

Driving while tired and on a long trip is sometimes the cause of accidents that Rhode Island motorists are involved in. However, many accidents occur only a short distance from home, usually less than 25 miles away. Most people tend to travel close to home. People often rely on the memories of the neighborhood sometimes to help them get from a destination to their home. This type of thinking can sometimes cause drivers to be less attentive to the road and the hazards around them.

Data show reduced accident rates with daytime headlight usage

Permanent running lights are not mandated by the federal government, so drivers in Rhode Island and other states may find that this particular safety feature is not factory-installed on the majority of vehicles that are available for purchase. However, some studies regarding the use of headlights during the day are showing that the technology has helped reduced accident rates by as much as 10 percent. This finding has caught the attention of some lawmakers, who are arguing in favor of new legislation. If eventually passed, the new laws would require motorists to turn on their headlights whenever they are behind the wheel.

Crash avoidance technology may save lives in Rhode Island

Many newer vehicle models have crash avoidance technology systems either as options or that come as standard features. These systems are meant to help to prevent some of the common types of preventable accidents, including single-car crashes, side-swipe accidents and head-on crashes. One organization was interested in finding out how effective collision avoidance systems are in reducing the accident and injury rates for these types of avoidable accidents.

2nd car crash for Rhode Island man results in criminal charges

Police investigators in Richmond had to piece together the events of a single-vehicle crash that killed a 37-year-old woman. She had been the passenger in a car driven by a 36-year-old man from Charlestown, who authorities found walking on the side of the road four hours after the accident.

Device developed to alert fatigued drivers

Drivers in Rhode Island may have the opportunity to purchase a device that will alert them when they are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. The Steer, a device that is worn on the wrist and that was developed by Creative Mode, measures sweat and heart rate to determine when a person is falling asleep. First, it delivers a vibration, and then it shocks the driver. At this point, the driver should find a place to rest and pull over.

IIHS links higher speed limits with increased fatalities

Lawmakers in Rhode Island have chosen not to raise speed limits above 65 mph even on busy interstate highways, and their cautious approach likely saves dozens of lives each year according to a leading road safety group. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has studied how higher speed limits have impacted traffic accident fatalities in the United States, and it has concluded that road deaths rise by about 4 percent for each 5 mph increase. The nonprofit group also says that higher speed limits increased road fatalities by more than 30,000 between 1993 and 2013.

Fourth of July top source of summer car accidents

Many Rhode Island families look forward to summer vacations, but traveling during the first four days of July exposes people to the highest risk of motor vehicle accidents. When the Travelers Companies, Inc. analyzed accident claim data between 2012 and 2016, the company identified the Fourth of July holiday as more dangerous than Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.


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