Severe liver injuries and seatbelt use

Rhode Island residents may incur liver injuries if they are in a motor vehicle accident. However, wearing a seat belt can help reduce the severity of the injuries and significantly affect the costs and consequences that result from the accident according to researchers.

The researchers examined National Trauma Data Bank patient data from 2010 to 2015. The patients consisted of individuals who were at least 18 years old, involved in a motor vehicle accident and either deceased upon arrival or shortly after in a hospital.

Liver injuries were classified as either low-grade or severe. Low-grade injuries consisted of shallow lacerations, blood clots and other injuries that needed no surgery. Severe injuries consisted of deep lacerations and ruptured clots.

The researchers found that out of over 50,000 people who had liver injuries because of a vehicle crash, those individuals with grave liver injuries had two times the chance of dying compared to those individuals whose liver injuries were moderate. The researchers also determined that wearing seat belts resulted in the reduced likelihood that the liver injury would be severe. The possibility of a severe liver injury was even lower when both airbags and seat belts were used. The use of airbags alone had no impact on the severity of the injury.

The lead author of the study states that there has been awareness of the link between seat belts and lower fatalities in vehicle accidents for some time. However, there are still some who assert that the use of seat belts can be dangerous and that airbags alone provide sufficient safety in a vehicle accident.

A personal injury attorney may litigate to obtain financial damages for clients injured in car accidents. Negligent drivers or vehicle manufacturers may be held liable for contributing to the factors that caused an accident.

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