Daylight saving time linked to drowsy driving

Drivers in Rhode Island may be feeling more drowsy than usual after daylight saving time. With the loss of an hour, this is to be expected, but a recent AAA study has emphasized how this one hour can impact drivers' performance. Drowsy driving, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of all car wrecks in the U.S., becomes more common after daylight saving time.

The most important step is to get to bed earlier in order to make up for the loss. No amount of caffeine can cure drowsiness, only sleep can. When on the road, people should understand that though they themselves may feel refreshed, other drivers might be drowsy. Therefore, individuals should anticipate the worst. When changing lanes, they should double-check their mirrors and always use turn signals.

AAA encourages drivers to exercise greater caution because, in the darker mornings, cars and pedestrians may not be as readily visible. The glare from the rising and setting sun can also distract drivers, but they may be able to avoid an accident with the use of sun visors. If possible, they should purchase glasses with polarized lenses.

Drivers can expect more cars and pedestrians in the evenings because the sun sets later in the day. Pedestrians who are out in the night, dusk and dawn hours should wear reflective clothing and carry flashlights.

When drowsy drivers cause an auto accident, the victims, whether they're pedestrians or other drivers, may be eligible for compensatory damages. A successful accident claim can cover losses like medical bills, vehicle repair costs and even pain and suffering. A lawyer is helpful for when it comes to filing a claim. Injury attorneys can work with accident investigators, medical experts and other third parties in an effort to build up their clients' cases, and they can negotiate with the insurance companies themselves. If necessary, they can litigate.

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