New Year's can be high time for divorce

For people in Rhode Island looking to end their marriage, the turn of the year can often be accompanied by new divorce filings. The January of every New Year brings a sharp uptick in the number of couples across the United States who choose to file for divorce. This increase can be attributed to a number of factors, including the stress of the holiday season and a choice to wait until after the family events of the winter holidays are completed before filing. It can even reflect people's hopes for a new start with the new year.

Divorce filings often plummet to their lowest rates in December as winter holidays consume attention. They begin moving upwards in January through March on an annual basis before fluctuating throughout the year. There are a few tips that can help people manage their divorce in the most efficient way possible. Having financial documents on hand can be one of the most important aspects in heading toward a divorce settlement. The final pay stubs of the previous year can contain important information for a divorce attorney, especially when considering spousal support or child support.

Taking a break from social media can also help a person going through divorce. Social media posts may become part of the divorce, and it can be an important time to protect one's privacy. This can be especially true if children are involved. In-person meetups with friends and family can help to provide emotional support without the downsides of social media.

People considering ending their marriages in the new year may wish to consult with a family law attorney. A lawyer may provide meaningful counsel and representation throughout the divorce process, including on issues related to child custody, spousal support and asset division. A family law attorney might be a critical part of achieving a person's goals and protecting their interests throughout the divorce process.

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