Divorce in January

Divorce filings in Rhode Island and the rest of the country tend to increase during the first month of the year. While a University of Washington study has determined that the majority of divorces occur during the months of March and August, the divorce courts still have to deal with the significant increase in divorce filings immediately after the start of each new year.

According to many legal practitioners, this trend is attributed to the idea that people prefer not to get divorced over the holidays. Typically, couples who have begun to entertain the idea of divorce before the holidays will make an effort to remain married until the next year so that their family may enjoy a final holiday season as one before they go their separate ways. This is particularly true for couples who are concerned about the welfare of their children.

Couples can use the month of January, which is associated with making resolutions and plans for the new year, to reassess the state of their marriage. According to one divorce attorney who practices in Maryland, the holidays are a period of time when emotions can be intensified, and individuals who are frustrated or dissatisfied with their marriage may be overwhelmed by their emotions. Other couples may let the festive atmosphere of the holidays convince them that they can fix their marriage. However, one the new year arrives, they are faced with the reality of their situation.

A family law attorney may work to ensure that clients obtain the divorce settlement terms that they desire. Objective legal counsel may be provided regarding property division, spousal support, child custody, child support and many other disputed divorce legal issues. The attorney may be able to engage in litigation to ensure that the rights of a client are protected during the divorce process.

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