Tips for divorced parents to stay positive during the holidays

The holiday season may be difficult for newly single parents in Rhode Island with strong emotions as they try to reconcile favorite traditions with their parenting situation. Although former spouses may have conflicting desires when it comes to spending time with family over the holidays, parents should focus on helping their children adjust to splitting holiday celebrations between two households.

Parents need to resist the temptation to buy the love or forgiveness of their children. Staying on budget and making the most of time spent with children offer more value. Complaining about the other parent must be avoided in front of children because they deserve a chance to focus on positive aspects in their parents. To avoid negativity, former spouses might view divorce as an opportunity to start new holiday traditions with their children. By creating positive activities around the holidays, parents and their children can move on from the hurt feelings of divorce.

Single parents also need to cope with the fact that they might not be with their children during every holiday. As an alternative, people could seek out the company of friends or other relatives to avoid feeling alone.

Holidays sometimes present challenges when people create their parenting plans during the divorce process. An attorney may advise a person during the development of a document that spells out the logistic details of custody schedules. Information about parental rights from an attorney might help someone make decisions that meet their family's needs. In addition to guidance about child custody, an attorney may oversee the division of marital property and debts. If disputes cannot be settled between the former partners, an attorney may be able to defend the person's position in family court.

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