When divorce might be the right choice

Although Rhode Island couples may find ending their marriage to be painful, in some cases, it may be the best choice. Around half of marriages end in divorce, and a couple who is able to accept that it is not a sign that they have failed may be able to negotiate the divorce more productively and move on.

There are a few circumstances in which it may become clear to a person that divorce is the best option. For example, if there is abuse, leaving the marriage may be the right choice. Infidelity or a temptation toward infidelity is also a sign of serious problems. It may be possible to talk this over with the spouse or with a counselor. If the couple goes to counseling for this or any other reason and it is unsuccessful, this may also be a sign that the marriage has run its course. Couples may want to try several counselors before reaching this conclusion.

Couples may find that they simply cannot come together with shared goals and dreams any longer. They may be unable to be happy with one another. A marriage can continue in this state, but couples may want to consider whether they would think of this as a success or whether it would be better for them and their children if they split up.

The decision to divorce may be a stressful one, but what comes after can be difficult as well. Couples must decide how to divide property and what kind of arrangements they will make for custody and visitation. One person may owe spousal support to the other. Divorce can mean less financial stability and a drop in the standard of living. However, divorce negotiations do not necessarily have to be adversarial. Spouses can attempt to pursue an agreement in a cooperative manner with the assistance of their respective attorneys.

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