To stay or to go: Children and divorce

Parents in Rhode Island who are in unhappy marriages may struggle with whether they should try to stay together for their children's sake or if it would be better to get divorced. There are several reasons that should prompt people to go through with their divorces and others that might indicate that remaining together is worthwhile.

If there is abuse in a marriage, there is no question that the couple should get divorced. Victims should recognize that protecting themselves and their children is much more important than trying to fix their marriages. Likewise, couples who constantly fight and who are unable to get along with each other might also want to get divorced. Children who are raised in toxic environments do not do as well as children whose lives are relatively free from strife. Finally, people who are extremely unhappy in their marriages might be better off getting divorced. Children may do better when they have two happy homes instead of one unhappy home.

On the other hand, people who believe that they might be able to rebuild their marriages through hard work might want to give themselves some time to try to work things out. Others who believe that getting divorced would be financially unfeasible for both spouses might also want to try to stay together. People who are mildly unhappy but who recognize that children do best when they are able to have good relationships might want to explore whether or not their marriages are worth saving.

After people have made the decision that they want to move forward with divorces, they might benefit by getting legal help from experienced family law attorneys. Lawyers may help their clients to understand the types of decisions that will need to be made and work to negotiate agreements on their behalf.

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