Preventing wildlife collisions

Rhode Island drivers who regularly commute during the evening should be aware that, with the end of daylight saving time, it gets darker much earlier. However, this occurs during the peak of the animal mating season, making this time even more dangerous for drivers.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, around 3,300 wildlife collisions occur every year in that state. The most common animal collisions involve deer, while others can involve bears. The month of November is when deer generally have their mating season, so they can often be found in the middle of roadways as they look for other deer. Bears, on the other hand, are often in the search for food as they fatten up before going into hibernation. Regardless of what type of wildlife becomes involved in the collision, the results can be damaging. In fact, the average property damage costs for accidents involving animals is over $3,400, according to one insurer.

Drivers must stay vigilant to prevent potential animal collisions. This often means slowing down and heading animal crossing warning signs, though it should be noted that animals can attempt to cross anywhere. If an animal is seen near or on the road, drivers should slow down, flash their lights and honk the horn. This will warn other drivers while encouraging the animal to stay away from the road.

Even minor auto accidents involving an animal can result in serious injuries. If the accident was caused by the inattentiveness of another motorist, an attorney could in some cases help an injured victim seek appropriate compensation.

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