Are you more at risk for a DUI when you visit home?

Many Americans move out of their hometowns at some point but love visiting. For example, you might feel crazy to pass up your parents' delicious cooking for a holiday, or perhaps the thought of attending a high school reunion appeals to you.

Whatever the reasons you have for traveling back home, it is possible you could be at higher risk for a DUI while there. Here is a look at why.

Seeing old friends

Travel to your hometown, and you could be at risk of a DUI charge if you head to a bar or reunion and knock back a few drinks while bantering with old friends. Amid all of the chatter, friendship and teasing, it is easy to lose track of how much alcohol you have had. The situation may also feel special and like normal rules do not apply. You feel "safe" in your hometown and might be more comfortable getting behind the wheel.

Driving around

In fact, the mere act of getting behind the wheel could be risky even if you are legally safe to drive. This is because, depending on the reason you went home, there could be an increased police presence. For example, more police hit the roads for holidays and may be aware of reunions or other big events going on.

It does not always take much for an officer to pull you over, and you could be falsely suspected of DUI and confused as to why you are being asked to take a chemical test.

Drinking throughout the day

Suppose you are staying with your relatives for a holiday, wedding, anniversary or other event, and your favorite liquor hits the spot and keeps you calm amid the chaos. That is, until a family member asks you to run a quick errand to the store or to pick someone up. You might not give it a second thought because you feel fine, and it has been a while since your last drink. It is still possible, though, that you have enough alcohol in your system to trigger a legal issue. Just be aware of your alcohol intake when you visit home, and you should be okay.

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