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To stay or to go: Children and divorce

Parents in Rhode Island who are in unhappy marriages may struggle with whether they should try to stay together for their children's sake or if it would be better to get divorced. There are several reasons that should prompt people to go through with their divorces and others that might indicate that remaining together is worthwhile.

Preventing wildlife collisions

Rhode Island drivers who regularly commute during the evening should be aware that, with the end of daylight saving time, it gets darker much earlier. However, this occurs during the peak of the animal mating season, making this time even more dangerous for drivers.

When divorce might be the right choice

Although Rhode Island couples may find ending their marriage to be painful, in some cases, it may be the best choice. Around half of marriages end in divorce, and a couple who is able to accept that it is not a sign that they have failed may be able to negotiate the divorce more productively and move on.


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