Online dating has some positive implications

Online dating may help to bring harmony into relationships, according to one study. Dating websites can encourage Rhode Island residents to meet people of different backgrounds from outside their own social networks. A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that of relationships that begin online, only 5.9 broke up. Furthermore, only 7 percent of couples analyzed for the study divorced or separated after getting married.

This compares to 7.6 percent who broke up after meeting offline. One of the reasons is that those who are looking to get married will include the internet as part of their search for a partner. The use of questionnaires as well as computer programs aimed at matching users may also play a role in success rates of relationships that begin online.

However, those who study this issue do believe that there are downfalls to online dating as well. For instance, the sites are often used by people who are serial daters or choose not to get married at all. It is also possible that a person will use online dating sites as a way to find new partners when they get bored of their current significant other.

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