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Online dating has some positive implications

Online dating may help to bring harmony into relationships, according to one study. Dating websites can encourage Rhode Island residents to meet people of different backgrounds from outside their own social networks. A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that of relationships that begin online, only 5.9 broke up. Furthermore, only 7 percent of couples analyzed for the study divorced or separated after getting married.

Cellphones linked to accidents, but too little data gathered

Some Rhode Island residents may have been among the approximately 100 people per day on average who died in motor vehicle accidents in 2016. Traffic fatalities are up after years of decline, and experts say it cannot be fully explained by people driving more or an increase in driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many experts believe that the distraction of smartphones is to blame, but the way that accidents causes are tracked and recorded provides too little data.

Is there ever a reason to leave the scene of an accident?

Getting into a car accident can often seem like a nightmare — it happens so fast, and you will likely be in shock immediately following the crash. Regardless of who was at fault or how the accident occurred, all drivers involved must remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives. You might be wondering what happens if you leave before this point.

Why plea bargains aren't true justice

As there are a large volume of criminal cases in Rhode Island and across the country, plea bargains are seen as a way of easing a judicial burden. However, a plea bargain may mean that someone who could be innocent is now a convicted criminal. While a plea may mean a shorter sentence or lower legal fees, it may not be the best way to resolve the matter.

Divorcing at a later age

Older Rhode Island couples who decide to end their marriage may find that it can be financially difficult. This is often due to the fact that older Americans have a limited amount of time to recover financially. Because marital assets become far more important for those near retirement age, the cost of the divorce can actually go up as former couples try to get the most out of property division.


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