Working at bars could increase likelihood of divorce

Bartenders in Rhode Island and blackjack dealers in Atlantic City have an uncomfortable statistic in common. According to an extensive research study presented by, workers who earn their paychecks in the nightlife and casino industries tend to experience some of the highest divorce rates among American couples. Professionals employed as software engineers and data scientists are among those who are the least likely to get divorced, and it is important to understand what these statistics reveal on a societal basis.

The 2015 divorce rate among bartenders was close to 55 percent, and a similar situation can be observed among those who work on the gaming floors of casinos. On the other side of the statistical range, actuaries who work for insurance companies and investment banking firms experienced divorce rates near 15 percent, followed by physicians and religious leaders. Absent this data, it would be tempting to say that certain elements of the nightlife and gaming industries may contribute to divorce, such as the long nights away from home, the temptation to engage in affairs and the easy availability of alcoholic beverages. The reality of the study is that couples who enjoy job stability and higher incomes are more likely to stay together.

Bartenders and casino workers do not always have the benefit of steady shifts or guaranteed income. A high roller may roll into town and tip a blackjack dealer handsomely over a couple of nights, but that generous gambler is not guaranteed to return.

Regardless of their line of work, once spouses become deeply affected by financial issues, emotions will get in the way of their married life. When the end of a marriage is imminent, estranged couples should have separate legal representation.

Source: Inverse, "New Study Reveals Bartenders, Casino Workers Most Likely to Get Divorced", Emily Gaudette, Sept. 5, 2017

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