Data show reduced accident rates with daytime headlight usage

Permanent running lights are not mandated by the federal government, so drivers in Rhode Island and other states may find that this particular safety feature is not factory-installed on the majority of vehicles that are available for purchase. However, some studies regarding the use of headlights during the day are showing that the technology has helped reduced accident rates by as much as 10 percent. This finding has caught the attention of some lawmakers, who are arguing in favor of new legislation. If eventually passed, the new laws would require motorists to turn on their headlights whenever they are behind the wheel.

In the United States, most drivers only use their headlights during dark or stormy conditions. These drivers may not be aware that headlight usage during clear, daylight hours could also make their vehicles more visible to other traffic, which might possibly reduce their chances of becoming involved in a catastrophic traffic accident.

A number of European countries have already begun implementing laws requiring daytime headlight usage, and subsequently, the number of reported accidents in these locations has been significantly reduced. In Canada, the number of multiple vehicle accidents has been reduced by more than 11 percent. Officials in Denmark have not only seen a reduction in this category but have also noted a reduction in left-turn-related collisions of more than 37 percent.

If more drivers were aware of the data, they might possibly increase their headlight usage of their own volition in order to enhance their safety on the roadway. Until then, people who have been injured in collision caused by the negligence of another motorist may find it beneficial to seek legal advice.

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