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Car accidents and locations

Driving while tired and on a long trip is sometimes the cause of accidents that Rhode Island motorists are involved in. However, many accidents occur only a short distance from home, usually less than 25 miles away. Most people tend to travel close to home. People often rely on the memories of the neighborhood sometimes to help them get from a destination to their home. This type of thinking can sometimes cause drivers to be less attentive to the road and the hazards around them.

Working at bars could increase likelihood of divorce

Bartenders in Rhode Island and blackjack dealers in Atlantic City have an uncomfortable statistic in common. According to an extensive research study presented by, workers who earn their paychecks in the nightlife and casino industries tend to experience some of the highest divorce rates among American couples. Professionals employed as software engineers and data scientists are among those who are the least likely to get divorced, and it is important to understand what these statistics reveal on a societal basis.

Data show reduced accident rates with daytime headlight usage

Permanent running lights are not mandated by the federal government, so drivers in Rhode Island and other states may find that this particular safety feature is not factory-installed on the majority of vehicles that are available for purchase. However, some studies regarding the use of headlights during the day are showing that the technology has helped reduced accident rates by as much as 10 percent. This finding has caught the attention of some lawmakers, who are arguing in favor of new legislation. If eventually passed, the new laws would require motorists to turn on their headlights whenever they are behind the wheel.

When it is safe to leave the scene of an accident?

Under Rhode Island law, any driver involved in an accident or who had reason to believe he or she was involved in an accident must stop. For example, leaving the scene when someone is hurt can lead to penalties such as driver's license suspension, fines and imprisonment. If stopping at the scene itself would be unsafe, drivers are allowed to stop as close as possible, and they should take every care to minimize the disruption of traffic.

Shared parenting may be best for all

While shared parenting arrangements are becoming more common in Rhode Island, a majority of child custody cases are still resolved with an award of primary physical custody to the mothers. Shared parenting may be a much better alternative for both the children and the parents, however.


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