Crash avoidance technology may save lives in Rhode Island

Many newer vehicle models have crash avoidance technology systems either as options or that come as standard features. These systems are meant to help to prevent some of the common types of preventable accidents, including single-car crashes, side-swipe accidents and head-on crashes. One organization was interested in finding out how effective collision avoidance systems are in reducing the accident and injury rates for these types of avoidable accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety looked at data from 2015 for more than 5,000 of the types of accidents that are meant to be prevented by collision avoidance technology. The IIHS compared vehicles with the systems installed and those that did not have them.

Cars that had the collision avoidance systems had an 11 percent lower rate of the common accident types that were reviewed in the study. Occupants of vehicles that had the systems and who were still involved in these preventable accidents had injury rates that were 21 percent lower than people who were in vehicles without the systems, indicating that the incidents that happened involving cars with these safety features may have been less severe than if they had not had them.

Having advanced safety technology installed in vehicles may help to prevent some collisions and reduce the chance of injuries in those that happen. Even with safety features, some car accidents will still occur. Some drivers regularly engage in driving behaviors that place others at risk. When a negligent motorist causes an injury accident, the victims may be left to face debilitating injuries and financial losses. People who have been seriously injured in accidents that were caused by the careless actions of other drivers might benefit by asking personal injury attorneys to commence the negotiation of a settlement with the at-fault motorist's insurance company.

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