Fourth of July top source of summer car accidents

Many Rhode Island families look forward to summer vacations, but traveling during the first four days of July exposes people to the highest risk of motor vehicle accidents. When the Travelers Companies, Inc. analyzed accident claim data between 2012 and 2016, the company identified the Fourth of July holiday as more dangerous than Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

An insurance company vice president said that Independence Day creates heavy traffic with many drivers traveling on unfamiliar routes. Drivers tend to get distracted while using smartphones or GPS devices to navigate, which take their eyes off of the road.

Among its safety tips, the insurance company advised people to study their routes ahead of time to reduce the constant need to consult a map or GPS display. People on long journeys should take breaks from the road. Breaks reduce driver fatigue and improve the ability to focus. These steps could help people avoid the serious accidents that plague travel on the Fourth of July and other holidays.

When negligent drivers cause car accidents, the victims might need to take legal action to recover damages. An attorney could prepare a personal injury lawsuit for a person injured in a crash. The assistance of an attorney could help someone overcome the burdens of filing court papers and communicating with an insurance company while recuperating from serious or catastrophic injuries. An attorney could use evidence from a police report, accident reconstruction report and witness testimony to highlight the other party's recklessness that led to the crash.

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