Career could play a major role in the decision to divorce

Rhode Island couples may be more likely to divorce depending on their career choices, shows an analysis of U.S. census data. The highest rate of divorce for people across the United States was experienced by first-line enlisted military supervisors.

They had a divorce rate of 30 percent. An array of other professions were slightly less likely to divorce, including mechanics and auto service technicians. However, people in other military jobs were also likely to divorce, taking three of the top 10 slots in the study.

The military can pose some unique obstacles to a successful marriage. Military careers can be highly demanding and include significant and daily danger. The separation created by military deployments can also play a role, as can the youthful age of marriage of many members of the military. Many military couples, even when they stay together, must move frequently, adding additional stress.

The average age for people to divorce is 30, while around 41 percent of first marriages lead to divorce. Career and money troubles can be one of the most divisive aspects of a marriage for people in all professions. Long periods of unemployment or struggling to make ends meet can put significant stress on a couple and their relationship.

The divorce rate in general has actually declined over the past 35 years, and the peak period for divorces in the United States was in 1980. However, many older couples are more likely to choose divorce than ever, and as they are likely to have more assets than younger couples, they might want to have the assistance of their respective attorneys when negotiating property division.

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