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First steps in resolving a car crash

A Rhode Island motorist's immediate actions following a car accident could play a part in determining just how well that person's best interests will ultimately be protected. Before calling an attorney, drivers who have been involved in an accident that wasn't their fault should take certain steps while still at the scene.

Rhode Island House unanimously passes expungement bill

The Rhode Island House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill on June 8 that would allow judges in the state to expunge the criminal records of individuals with as many as five misdemeanor convictions. A similar bill stalled in the Senate in 2016 after clearing the House. Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is championing the bill, and the measure has a diverse group of supporters ranging from civil and minority rights advocates to members of the gun lobby.

A guide to domestic abuse restraining orders in Rhode Island

If you think you are dealing with domestic violence, it is crucial for you to know your rights to protection. You might have questions about filing a restraining order, including where you file, what it entails and if you are dealing with what the law terms as domestic abuse. The purpose of this post is to answer all of these questions and give you a path to safety.

Options for child support agreements

For Rhode Island parents who have minor children and who are getting a divorce, there are several ways that child support may be decided. The court may enter a child support order, but before this, parents have a number of opportunities to make their own decisions about support. Informal negotiations may be carried out either with or without attorneys present, or the attorneys themselves may do these negotiations.

How nesting changes the shared custody paradigm

Rhode Island parents who are contemplating a divorce have several options when it comes to raising their children. In many cases, a child will live with one parent during the week while living with the other on the weekend. While a specific custody arrangement may differ from that format, it still requires a child to live in two different homes.


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