Tips for explaining a DUI charge to your parents

When you are under 21 years old in states such as Rhode Island, you can face DUI charges even if the alcohol in your body is barely detectable. For example, law enforcement can charge you with a mere 0.02 percent BAC, while it would be 0.08 percent for those 21 and over.

In any case, when you are facing a DUI charge and its many potential consequences, it is wise to try to fight it. Simply pleading guilty sets you up for a conviction you could have avoided, but in order to fight the charge, you may need money and resources. Hence, explaining the charge to your parents. Here are some tips for this difficult conversation.

Accept responsibility

Whatever the circumstances are, accepting responsibility for your behavior goes a long way. For example, parents may see a statement such as, “Although my BAC, according to the chemical test, was only 0.03 percent, I understand now that I should have waited longer before leaving,” more positively than, “The system is rigged. My BAC was only 0.03, so it’s unfair.”

One benefit of accepting responsibility is that it allows you to explain how you will avoid this mistake again. Perhaps you will wait longer in the future before leaving parties or will drink only when you do not have to drive.

Explain the consequences

Many people see a DUI conviction as little worse than a speeding ticket, so outline some of the consequences you could face. For example, getting into college and obtaining financial aid may be more difficult. Likewise, employers will not be happy to see a conviction when you apply for jobs. And, of course, there are the direct effects of conviction such as an increase in insurance rates, fines and license suspension.

Fighting a DUI charge can make all the difference in your future. Get in touch with an attorney as early as possible.

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