New bill tells judges to think of the pets in divorce

When you are facing divorce, there are so many issues to consider and make decisions on. It can be especially difficult because you have to make such important decisions that will impact your life for years to come while you are under serious emotional distress.

One of the issues that has increasingly become a part of divorces is what happens to the pets. As pets become more and more of an integral part of so many couple's and family's lives, the question of what to do with them during a divorce has grown in prominence.

A New Way To Think About Pets In Divorce

Previously, pets were, and still are for the time being at least, considered property and are treated as such during the property division aspect of a divorce. For many pet owners, this is insufficient. They see their pets as members of the family who deserve better consideration in the divorce process.

A new bill has been introduced here in Rhode Island that would require judges to consider the best interests of the pet when considering who would be awarded custody in a divorce. This standard is also used in making determinations regarding child custody. It could help ensure that a pet is not awarded to a cruel partner. This bill could help pets and the owners who love them move on from divorce and into a happier, more secure future together.

Divorce Law Is Always Evolving

If this bill is passed, it will change the landscape of divorce law that people will have to navigate when the time comes to move on from broken marriages. A good attorney can help you understand how your situation fits in with all the most recent changes to family law here in Rhode Island.


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