3 things to remember about DUIs this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is just days away, and while the holiday is intended to serve as a day to remember the brave men and women who die in active military service, it also means other things. Specifically, it means a long weekend and the unofficial start to summer.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many people across Providence will be celebrating or honoring this holiday with alcohol, as drinking and summer holidays often go hand-in-hand. With all this in mind, there are some important things you should remember about drunk driving and Memorial Day.

Police often ramp up enforcement efforts

During periods that historically lead to higher rates of drunk driving incidents, like Memorial Day, police often announce crackdowns on the offense. This means they are on high alert for signs of intoxication and pull over more drivers, increasing the likelihood that you could be stopped.

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that can be stopped by police

Operating a golf cart, boat or Jet Ski, or even a bicycle while legally intoxicated can also be grounds for arrest and drunk driving charges. 

You still have the same rights

Regardless of when you are pulled over and arrested for DUI, you still have rights that police must respect. They must have probable cause to pull you over; you are protected from unlawful searches; you can choose to refuse chemical tests.

Avoiding a DUI this Memorial Day

The best way to avoid getting a DUI this weekend is to refrain from driving if you are going to drink. Find a sober ride home or stay somewhere overnight until you can drive safely and lawfully.

However, people make mistakes. If you do wind up charged with DUI this weekend, understand that you can work with an attorney to defend yourself against charges and work to minimize the potential penalties you could be facing. A drunk driving arrest might ruin your weekend, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

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