Important steps for filing a claim after an accident

A car accident can change a life in an instant. You may suddenly be faced with long-term injuries, an inability to perform your job duties and a slew of medical and car repair bills that take a toll on your family's finances. A personal injury claim can help you through this difficult time by covering the cost of bills and easing some of that financial stress.

However, there are certain steps you need to take after an accident to ensure that your claim is successful. Without doing these 3 things, it may be hard to prove your injuries or get the compensation you deserve.

1. Track medical history after the accident.

If you were hurt during the crash, you should certainly call an ambulance. Some injuries are hidden at first though. In the days after an accident, visit a doctor to check for any damages that may not have surfaced right away. Make sure you keep notes of which doctor you saw, when your appointment was, what injuries they found and any other relevant information.

When filing a claim, this can help to prove the full extent of your injuries and the compensation necessary for the medical bills you will face as you recover.

2. Get a police report.

You should always call police to the scene after a car crash. Even if the accident seems minor and the cars do not appear to be damaged, you will want a police report on file. Do not let the other driver convince you not to call.

A report is proof that the accident actually happened and it can be a very important resource, especially if your insurance company has questions about what happened in the accident. On top of that, police may also gather names of any witnesses, which may help you later.

3. Take photos at the scene.

Although the police will gather their own information, it is a good idea to take your own photos too. Take pictures of all damages done to your car. Make sure the shots are from multiple angles and distances to capture the full scope of what happened.

This increases the evidence you have of your car's repair needs. You will be able to show the photos when necessary, such as to your insurer or a personal injury attorney who is helping you file your claim successfully.

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