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Important steps for filing a claim after an accident

A car accident can change a life in an instant. You may suddenly be faced with long-term injuries, an inability to perform your job duties and a slew of medical and car repair bills that take a toll on your family's finances. A personal injury claim can help you through this difficult time by covering the cost of bills and easing some of that financial stress.

How a hardship license can help after a DUI

A common penalty that people face after a DUI is having their driver's license suspended. This can have a greater impact on your life than you may have realized before the conviction. You may find yourself struggling to get to work, take your children to school, grocery shop and more. However, you may be allowed to drive under certain circumstances with a hardship license.

How will a DUI charge affect my life?

A lot of people enjoy going out with their friends to have a few drinks. Choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking, though, can mean trouble. Not only is it dangerous to you and everyone else on the road, but you could also face harsh, long-lasting penalties if you are charged with a DUI.


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