Do You Need A Hardship Driver's License?

For the vast majority of responsible adults, the reality of losing your driving privileges, even for a short time, is that it will cause immense difficulty. You may not be able to get to work. You may not be able to get your children to school. Even simple responsibilities such as grocery shopping will become so much harder if you cannot drive.

A hardship driver's license can allow you to still take care of your essential responsibilities while you wait for your full driving privileges to be restored.

What Do I Need To Show To Secure A Conditional Hardship License?

Hardship driver's licenses are provided to people who can demonstrate that they need one. What qualifies as need can vary. Common examples of accepted needs include needing to drive to get to:

  • Work
  • Medical appointments
  • Job training

Having a skilled attorney can help ensure the success of your application for a hardship driver's license.

Skilled Help From A Former Prosecutor

I am lawyer Nicholas J. Hemond. I offer aggressive DUI defense representation and make keeping my clients on the road a top priority. I know that losing your driving privileges can have a substantial negative impact on your life. Having previously prosecuted hundreds of cases, I have prosecuted numerous misdemeanors and understand how to build strong cases for those facing DUI charges or charges for refusing to submit to a chemical test.

I am committed to helping my clients secure the hardship driver's licenses they need to keep their lives moving forward. I understand what the courts are looking for in hardship license applications.

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